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Welcome to the site. Legal Research & Investigation (LRI) is a wide-ranging private investigation company with its owner and lead private investigator based in Memphis, TN. In less than ten years, LRI has developed the broadest and deepest investigative offering in Memphis - including the highly specialized areas of locating difficult people, interviewing difficult people, forensic accounting, and business appraisal. Representative examples of customer commentary and national exposure are linked here:

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Our business model is unique in Memphis and perhaps in the entire country. We offer a proprietary, turnkey approach to investigating complex legal cases that would otherwise require using multiple firms, investigators, and experts.

We pride ourselves on deep understanding of the multi-layered, fast-moving legal marketplace both in Memphis and nationally - thereby positioning us  to solve attorneys' investigative problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Founder David Childe's 15-year experience as an award-winning, top-ranked Wall Street research analyst and broadly quoted financial expert adds this unique dimension to the private investigation business in Memphis.

Childe earned the much-coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, a grueling three-year, 1000+ hour process considered to be the most difficult test on Wall Street, with a pass rate below 20%.

This Wall Street background comes into play when we utilize sophisticated financial techniques to value private businesses and other assets, pierce corporate veils, discover deception in general, and find hidden assets specifically. Please see LRI-Value.com, our financial division's website:

LRI's fInancial division's website

Childe's experience as a fugitive recovery expert adds an entirely different yet equally value-added dimension to LRI - namely, the ability to find a difficult/evasive witness in short order. 

We are easy to work with,  passionate about the research/investigative process, and value our integrity highly.  The points below detail and expand upon the primary investigative and research areas we have pursued over the last twenty-five years - which are now fully integrated into a full-service private investigation company.  

  • As a legal investigator working directly with attorneys on behalf of their clients, Childe has led the investigative efforts on hundreds of cases - in both the criminal and civil legal arenas. In addition to being a financial and locate expert, he has worked hard to become particularly known for creative, detailed background investigations as well as for a friendly, non-threatening interview style that helps  bond with people from all walks of life.

  • Childe has worked as a financial analyst for a number of leading Wall Street firms, serving clients throughout the world. He specialized in creative research techniques, forensic accounting, and use of primary sources to uncover fraudulent and/or overvalued investments.

  • Childe's Wall Street career also involved valuing high growth private companies and taking them public as well as facilitating the issuance of secondary securities to public companies. He worked on over twenty deals with a value exceeding $5 billion.

  • Childe also operated a fugitive recovery (i.e. bounty hunting) business responsible for bringing over one-hundred fugitives to justice. Its success triggered a local news station to feature him as a lead story on the nightly news. His forte was using ingenuity and rapport-building to non-violently apprehend the most hard-to-find, "extreme" fugitives.

  • Childe has high-level experience researching the issues and the opposition, publishing op-ed pieces, and heading up the blogging team for a well-known U.S. Senate candidate.

Please call or email if you would like to confidentially discuss your case, free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you. 

David Childe, Principal






Primary Services Offered

For Attorneys: civil, criminal, collections, family, probate
Full service legal investigation in anticipation of litigation
Witness interviews (particularly those requiring finesse)
Locating witnesses, defendants, judgment debtors
Locating missing and/or hard-to-find assets
Deep background investigations
Business appraisal (Daubert level expertise)
Forensic accounting (Daubert level expertise)

For Individuals
Research on almost anything!
Deep background investigations
Locating missing or hard-to-find people

For Businesses
Market research, including channel checks
Deep background investigations
Fraud investigations
Undercover investigations
Asset and company valuation
Due diligence on potential acquisitions
Forensic accounting
Deep financial analysis


B.S. Economics, The Pennsylvania State University
40-Hour Certificate, Criminal Defense Investigation, C.D.I.T.C.
18 Credits, Paralegal Studies, Southwest Community College
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), The CFA Institute

"Best on the Street," The Wall Street Journal
"Best Stock Picker," The Street.com
"Home Run Hitter (Top 5)," Institutional Investor
"Up and Coming Analyst," Institutional Investor


Memphis Bar Association
National Association of Investigative Specialists
Texas Association of Licensed Investigators
Mississippi Professional Investigators Association
Chartered Financial Analysts Institute
CFA Society Memphis

Samples of Research Papers/Presentations

David C. Childe, Wrongful Conviction Studies Highlight the Need for Ethical and Methodical Defense Investigation Using the Component Method, PI BYTES, March, 2006.

David C. Childe, Courts in Shelby County  Southwest Community College, Spring, 2008.

David C. Childe, The "Locate", A Cornerstone of Private Investigation, Speech to The Litigation Section of the Memphis Bar Association, December, 2010; Memphis Lawyer, March/April, 2011; The Texas Investigator, Summer 2011

David C. Childe, How Private Investigators Can Help Attorneys Win Cases. Speech to The Litigation Section of the Memphis Bar Association, December, 2011; The Private Eye Network, December, 2011; Memphis Lawyer, October/November, 2012

David C. Childe, Honing Your Investigative Paralegal Skills: Tips from A Private Investigator, Speech to the Greater Memphis Area Paralegal Alliance, July, 2014

David C. Childe, Valuing Closely Held Private Companies: Perspectives from a former Wall Street Analyst, Speech to the Family Law Section of the Memphis Bar Association, November, 2014

David C. Childe, A Proprietary Turnkey Approach to Investigating Family Law and Other Complex Cases, Speech to the Family Law Section of the Memphis Bar Association, February, 2015

David C. Childe, How an Investigator Adds Value to Your Complex Case: A Proprietary Turnkey Approach, Speech to the Litigation Section of the Memphis Bar Association, December, 2015

David C. Childe, Improving Your Investigative Ingenuity: A Practical Primer, Speech to select invitees of Bank Tennessee, February, 2016

David C. Childe, Improving Your Investigative Ingenuity: For Paralegals. Speech to the Greater Memphis Area Paralegal Alliance, April 2016

David C. Childe, How a Proprietary Turnkey Investigative Approach Will Help Your Practice. Speech to the Litigation Group of Glankler Brown, April 2016

David C. Childe, The Most Useful Open Records in Shelby County: A Definitive Guide to Availability, Location, and Procedure.  Speech to the Solo/Small Firm Section of the Memphis Bar Association, November, 2016

Television Appearances

Modern Day Bounty Hunter
, Lead story on Ch. 24 WPTY-ABC Memphis

State of The Computer Industry, Interview and lead story on CNBC 

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